March 21st to 25th, 2022
Florence, Italy

Duco Italy - Duco Appetito 2021


DUCO Travel Summit is a high-end tourism event held annually in Florence, Italy.
It promotes the excellence of Italian hospitality to the world’s most important buyers.

DUCO is an invitation-only event featuring top producers, English-speaking travel advisors,
and outstanding hoteliers and suppliers from all over Italy. Attendees dive deep into the destination,
starting at enriching fifteen-minute daytime appointments and continuing through engaging nighttime events.

DUCO is discovery. DUCO is immersion.
It was born out of a passion for cultural exploration and understanding of this magnificent country: Italy.

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DUCO´s Presentation

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Meet The Team

Carolina Perez - Founder

Carolina Perez Founder

Camila Mendes - Vice President

Camila Mendes Vice President

Paula Colesi - Managing Director

Paula Colesi Managing Director

Duna Della Santa  - Exhibitors Relations

Duna Della Santa Exhibitors Relations

Isadora Piccoli - Exhibitors Relations

Isadora Piccoli Exhibitors Relations

Vanessa Kitamura - Exhibitor Relations Administrative

Vanessa Kitamura Exhibitor Relations Administrative

Helena Fogaça - Marketing Manager

Helena Fogaça Marketing Manager

Luiza Dombroski - Marketing Administrative

Luiza Dombroski Marketing Administrative

Mila Chiyoda - Buyers Relations

Mila Chiyoda Buyers Relations

Lucilene Neves - Finance Director

Lucilene Neves Finance Director

Contact Us

[email protected]
“There are two types
of people in the world:
Italians, and those who
wish they were Italians.” Anonymous

Best of Italy


DUCO gathers together a selection of the highest-level exhibitors from all over Italy. Luxury hotels make up the majority of our exhibitors,
followed by elite inbound tour operators, exclusive villa rental companies, and regional tourism organizations offering a wide range of bespoke
experiences. Attendees can be sure to find the best the country has to offer at DUCO.

Exhibitors Directory
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Travel Advisor


DUCO invites the top travel advisors from the major English-speaking markets to Italy on occasion of the event.
This premier curatorship, sponsored by DUCO, includes attendees from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


DUCO Italy Program 2022

March 21st to 25th, 2022 | FLORENCE, ITALY

    Day 1 | MON, March 21st 2022

    Day 2 | TUE, March 22nd 2022
    First day of appointments

    Day 3 | WED, March 23rd 2022
    Second day of appointments

    Day 4 | THU, March 24th 2022
    Third day of appointments

    Day 5 | FRI, March 25th 2022
    Check-out and departure